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Travel Tips for Shandong


Shandong has four distinct seasons: spring, summer, autumn, winter. April and May have big temperature difference between day and night, the temperature around 15-20 degrees,

So you should pay attention to the increasing amount of clothes to prevent a cold . Especially during the visit in Taishan, should wear a bit thick warm clothes, because the top of the hill and the temperature difference of up to 8~10 centigrade. In addition Shandong climate is changeable, please bring rain gear, because of the weather may cause some attractions you can’t visit.

2. Diet:

Shandong belongs to the Shandong cuisine, Shandong cuisine emphasis on taste, accustomed to the use of soy sauce and salt seasoning products, therefore and Cantonese taste is great, if required to arrange light food. Usually drink plenty of water, eat fresh fruit, avoid being unaccustomed to the climate of a new place.  Do not eat food roadside  (especially seafood and barbecue). With seafood as a food with vinegar.

3. Traffic:

Shandong with a total area of 156700 square kilometers, it’s a far distance between spots and attractions, and in order to make the safety of tourists in Shandong, Traffic Management Bureau require Tourism car a top speed of not more than 90 km an hour(don’t get wrong that the car is not good enough to run fast…). So you will take long time to visit Shandong all the attractions in the car ,most will travel 5 hours. So the travelers  with car sickness prepare sickness Medicine by themself. The Shandong highway is the safest in China, so that it does not produce turbulence.

4. Security:

Although the public security is good in Shandong, it is the tourism season. There are so many people in many attractions and hotels, so take good care of your valuables, to ensure personal property and personal safety. Individual areas protection consciousness is strong in Shandong, please listen to the guide notes during the tour.