Custom Made Tours

We can put together or design the perfect custom Tour Package to your personal preferences.

Eiffel TowerWe do this for you without you having to go through a tour company where you are confined to their schedule and destinations. We will design your custom tour package to your personal preference right here at Titan Travel.

How it works: Here an example.

1. We arrange a travel vacation for you to Paris.

2. You tell us that you would like to tour Paris, see some famous attractions like the:

  • Eiffel Tower
  • Louvre Museum
  • Notre-Dame de Paris Catholic Cathedral
  • Luxembourg Garden

You get the idea.

3. Titan Travel then arranges all your destinations you want to go by

Tourist in Paris taking picture of the Eiffel tower

  • Making sure you have transportation
  • A schedule of events at your leisure
  • Brochures of places you are going

You get the idea and whatever else is needed.

See, how simple we make it where at Titan Travel your world is before you with less stress and hassle.

Contact Us today to design your custom tour package for where ever you are traveling.

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