You land, dock, or arrive at your destination go the baggage claim to get your luggage and … well … you wait, you look and it’s not there! Okay, breath … try not to panic sometimes things like this happens and it is a huge inconvenience, I know.

We can help with that. Just call us at (626) 440-1959 and we can help get your luggage to you.

Before you Leave tips:

Also, here are some Luggage Tips for you before you leave on your next trip.

To make your tour more comfortable,  passengers are requested to bring:

One piece of luggage with dimensions not exceeding 0″x18″x10″ (76x46x25cm) and weight not exceeding 50 lbs (23kg)

Luggage Claim

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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One piece of hand luggage per person with dimensions not exceeding 12″x11″x6″ (30x2Bx14cm)

Please note:

On an organized tour by motorcoach, it is typical for a Tour Operator to have a charge of up to US$5 per traveling day that will be collected by the Tour Director if a second piece of baggage is carried, or if the suitcase exceeds the established weight and/or dimensions. Also, they will not guaranteed that more than one suitcase will be carried.  . Hand luggage with telescopic handles and wheels will not fit in the overhead compartments of coaches and can therefore not be accepted as carry-on luggage for safety reasons.

Airlines, have their restrictions to size and weight.  We recommend you should also check with your airline regarding luggage restrictions as regulations may vary per the airline.

We also recommend that your luggage have the TSA approved locks on them.  No this does not stop someone from taking something from your luggage if they really want it, but it will help to deter them from trying if others are around.


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Before you Leave Tips