Going Green

Protecting the environment and the people and places we visit is a top priority for Trafalgar.

To show our commitment we have set up The Leading Travel Companies Conservation Foundation, a non­ profit organization that will invest in supporting long term sustainable tourism. Our group of companies is contributing US$1 million per year to fund much needed conservation, community and sustainable tourism projects that will create a better world for future generations to enjoy.

Carbon Neutralize

What can you do? An easy way to make a difference is to ‘carbon neutralize’ your travel. Trafalgar has partnered with Sustainable Travel International TM, allowing you the option to calculate the carbon footprint of your travel and contribute towards projects that will reduce the C02 emissions. You may choose to offset your flight, coach travel or the energy consumed staying in your hotel accommodation.

Click here to find out more and carbon neutralize your travel.

Read more about what Trafalgar, in partnership with The Leading Travel Companies is doing for the environment.

What Else Can You Do?

  1. When you have finished with your vacation brochures, pass them onto a friend or recycle them
  2. Minimize waste by bringing your own water bottle and reusing it
  3. Buy local produce (which reduces air miles incurred in transporting the food for final   preparation)
  4. Please don’t pick plants and flowers, leave them for others to enjoy
  5. At your hotel use water sparingly, take short showers instead of baths and hang towels for drying and reuse
  6. Separate paper from plastic and try to recycle as much as possible
  7. Throw any litter in the bin and keep the local environment tidy
  8. Switch lights off & air conditioning off if you are not in the room or don’t need them
  9. Turn off your TV instead of leaving it on standby
  10. Leave as much packaging at home from goods you buy for your trip and recycle as much of this as possible

Sustainable Tourism for Travel

If you like you can download the PDF List to computer here.