Packing tips to better be prepared

Start a packing list.

  1. Check the weather forecast of the destination you are visiting and take into consideration the activities and outings you will be going on.
  2. When packing an item, think about how many times you are going to wear it. If you are not going to wear it more than three times, don’t pack it!
  3. Choose clothes that pack well and color co-ordinate. For example, choose a base color for trousers, skirts & shorts like beige, khaki or black and then match with a couple of highlight colors.
  4. Be aware of local traditions and dress codes, especially if traveling to Muslim countries.
  5. Accessorize, accessorize! Ladies scarves or wraps can give your limited wardrobe extra color. They can easily be used to dress up an outfit. Also, a few pairs of inexpensive earrings are fun to bring and can also change the look of your outfit. Pack sunscreen and insect repellent.
  6. Take a few plastic zip lock bags for carrying wet items or keeping things dry. Check the electrical outlets and adapters of places visiting.
  7. If you wear glasses, pack an extra pair or at least have a copy of your glasses prescription.
  8. To avoid problems when passing through customs: Keep medicines in their original labeled containers. If a medication is unusual, carry a letter from your doctor attesting to your need to take it.
  9. If you plan to wash some items in your hotel bathroom, take a travel clothesline, sink stopper & soap. Remember micro fibers dry quicker than cotton.
  10. If taking a digital camera clean out your photo card memory and get a back-up one and spare battery.
  11. If you have any severe allergies write them out in English and translate to languages in countries you will be visiting. Write on business card size card and keep on your person. This is easy to do by using Google language tools –
  12. Do not pack valuable or expensive-looking jewelry, unnecessary credit cards, your Social Security card and similar items you may routinely carry in your wallet.

Packing Tips

If you like you can download the PDF List to computer here.

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